What to do in McAllen? Come to Pharr!

What to do in McAllen

Looking for what to do in McAllen? One of the best things about the Rio Grande Valley is that all the beautiful cities are so close together. You can drive for 10 minutes on the expressway and easily pass 2 or 3 cities.

McAllen itself is such a wonderful city full of awesome things to do. If you are wondering what to do in McAllen or have run out of ideas, consider visiting it neighbor; Pharr.

Less than 15 minutes away (in most cases) there are plenty of great things to do in Pharr. Visiting the historic downtown center in Pharr you can see for yourself how beautiful the old buildings have been preserved as well as a mix of the new. Here are some of the things you can do all within the span of a few miles. You can simply park at any of these locations and walk if you enjoy the walking experience.

1) Get a massage! At Massage Masters, a one hour full body total relaxation massage starts at just $35! One of the best deals you will get for a 1 hour massage. Couples, friends, or groups welcome. 2 or more people for $30 each! Please call to set up appointment at (956)787-9100. Parking is public and there is not time limit so there would be no concern of paying fines or paying extra no matter how long you park.

2) Check out the Pharr downtown park right next door to Massage Masters! Being dubbed as the central hub for downtown Pharr, construction for this beautiful park was started in 2018 and it is such a nice place to relax and breath in some air. Includes benches, water fountain and overall a good place to unwind and take in the city sounds. Food trucks will be in the area as well. (As of 2019 park construction is still ongoing and some of the features may not be available yet, for example the food trucks)

3) Get something to eat! One great recommendation is Junction Cafe. Literally a walk down the street from Massage Masters, Junction Cafe is an iconic restaurant in Pharr. This historic restaurant has been around for as long as anyone remembers. Great Tex-Mex food and great atmosphere full of rich history.

4) Did someone say library? The Pharr Memorial library is a couple blocks away and in a totally safe and walking distance as well. Always quiet, peaceful, and a great place to learn more about the community. Because who doesn’t enjoy a good library?

5) Walk around the old downtown area. Explore the downtown area and walk around because you just never know, you might find something unique!

Although there are plenty of more things to do and places to visit in Pharr. These are just some of the things you can do that are all centrally located in the downtown area and within a walking distance from each other.

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