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Deep Tissue Massage

McAllen Deep Tissue Massage

McAllen Deep Tissue Massage Pharr Deep Tissue Massage

If you are looking for a “McAllen Deep Tissue Massage” we have just what you need. Typically, a deep tissue massage is used to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues using slow and deep strokes.

Deep Tissue massage reduces inflammation, increases blood flow, and may promote faster healing.

Unlike a relaxation massage, a deep tissue massage helps relieve and treat muscle pain, improve stiffness, and muscle related injuries.

Typically before your session, your massage therapist will need to know about your problem areas and history. They can they decide if they need to just focus on one particular area, or if you will benefit more by working an entire area. Deep kneading and strokes with varying degrees of pressure will be used during your session. If at any point you feel like you need more or less pressure, please let your massage therapist know.

Massage Therapist Options

We are happy to say a deep tissue massage is available with an advanced student or a Licensed Massage Therapist. A $45, one hour session with an advanced intern is a great way to introduce yourself to a deep tissue massage and if you have had any kind of injuries we usually recommend a Licensed Massage Therapist.

What else should I know about Deep Tissue massage?

It is quite common to have some light to moderate soreness the days after having your deep tissue massage. Certain medical conditions may prevent you from getting a deep tissue massage, and deep tissue massage is not recommended if you are pregnant.

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