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Massage School in McAllen

If you are looking for a massage school in McAllen TX, consider Massage Masters. Offering basic and advanced CEU classes since 2006, we can help you obtain your Massage Therapist License, or learn a new technique if you are already licensed.

We are a massage therapy only school focusing on the latest rules, laws and trends for massage. Our massage therapy classes usually consist of 8-12 students per course which means our instructors can create more of a one on one type environment. With smaller class size we can focus on everyone individually as well as make sure our students are all on the same page.

With easy payment plans and flexible class hours, you can finish and become licensed in less than a year! You will learn all the required basics including Massage Therapy (Half of the course), Anatomy,  Physiology, Kinesiology, Business Practices and more!

Your time and money is important

For this reason, it is a good idea to set some time apart and compare different schools when deciding on a massage school for you. You can simply start by setting up time apart and making appointments with different schools to go visit. Generally, you can call Massage Masters school at (956)787-9100 or visit MassageMastersSchool.com for info on courses, upcoming class dates and more.

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