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Private CEU’s

Get your hours when YOU need them!

We can do a private CEU class if you are in need of the hours and we dont have a class scheduled when you need it. The cost of a private CEU class for 1 person is slightly higher due to arrangements need to be made with our instructors & their schedule rearranged.

Please Note: Unless otherwise noted, the standard price for a private 6 hour CEU course for 1 person is $200. Save $50 by taking 2 courses for a total of $350. If 2 people take a class, the price of a private 6 hour CEU course is $150 each, or $250 for 12 CEU hours. If only 1 person is taking a class, we will try to have more people attend to lower overall cost. If nobody else attends, the price for a 6 hour CEU class will stand at $200.

All the courses listed below are $200 each (or $150 each for at least 2 people)  with 1 exception below.

The only exception is the Cell-u-lite & Lymph CEU course, which is 12 CEU hours and for pricing it is recommended you call us.

Please click on each CEU for more info, some of the CEU’s you can choose from are as follows: