Therapeutic Massage

A more specialized massage creating a therapeutic effect. Our therapist will incorporate & combine various techniques depending on your specific problem areas.

Therapeutic massage sessions are done different from a relaxation massage. A “therapeutic” massage is actually a combination of other techniques all incorporated in the same session to get the maximum health benefits you need for whatever medical or health condition you might have.

On your first session you might spend extra time completing a very thorough intake form detailing current and past health complaints. This type of session retains a relaxation element to it but advanced techniques are implemented for pain and chronic health issues. Usually, clients coming in for therapeutic massage therapy will come in frequently for the first few weeks or months. This might include half hour massages three times a week, or weekly hour massages for a couple of months.

Overall, Therapeutic Massage Therapy is an alternative to medecine and a natural solution to certain problems or conditions that you might have. It is best to call us if you are unsure if therapeutic therapy can help you.