Cell-u-Lite Massage

Techniques emphasizing on the body to reduce inches, body contouring, improve skin appearance, and water retention. Also recommended for after certain surgical cosmetic procedures. Free consultation & custom pricing based on your individual needs. Your therapist will  customize your package upon initial consultation.

How Does Cellulite Massage Work?

The concept behind a cellulite massage is that by rubbing the cellulite affected areas of the body in a certain way, the circulation is improved and the cellulite gets softened and released over time out of the body.  This therapy is may cost a bit more than other traditional massage therapies but is proven to show results.  Depending on the area being worked or where you want results to be achieved, the results for this type of therapy usually start showing after a series of sessions.

Certain types of oils play key role in the cellulite massage. These oils such as peppermint or lavender are used on to the body for the propose of stimulating the fat cells. Different herbs and seaweed also play an important role in enhancing the elimination of the fat cell from the body with cellulite massage.

Cellulite massage, along with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, will help you feel better, slimmer, and overall be a more positive person. Let our licensed and experienced Massage Therapists show you the different options available to you and come by for a free consulation.